Things I want my little sister to know…..

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Recently on theinterwebs, I saw 50 Things I Want For My Little Sister. It is so lovely and sweet, and verbalised a lot of the things that I want for my little sis. It got me thinking, I want to tell my sister what I want for her in my own way, but living apart and conflicting schedules means I don’t get to speak to her as much as I would like, and makes all the things I want to say to her hard. It’s heartbreaking that I can’t there for her in person, especially as she is only 16 and you go through so much when you’re a teenager, (trust me, I remember! it wasn’t that long ago!) So i guess I’m dedicating this post to my little sister, Becky…. This is for you, some things that I want you to know:

  • Travel!: I know you have done quite a fair bit of travelling at your young age but don’t stop! As I have learnt these past couple of years, its the best! You learn so much and have crazy stories to tell after….Hopefully, me and you, in a couple of years will have an adventure of our very own.
  • No, you are NOT fat!: I have a feeling I’m going to be saying this up until my dying day! You are so beautiful! Inside and out. You have a stunning face and a great figure, which when you are old and wrinkly you will wish you still had :P… I mean it, its not me being biased because you are my sister, you are gorgeous, to be honest I’m a little jealous. BUT, and i mean a big but…*hahaha butt hahahaha coughs anyways* Although I want you to be confident in the way you look, I also want you to kind of not care! You are a smart, funny, witty, talented girl… soon to be woman. DO NOT validate your worth on your looks when you have so much more to offer!
  • Yes, guurrl you can SIIING: NB. say that in the way Jessie J does…..Anyways, as I was saying you have an amazing musical talent and I am so glad you are starting to regain your confidence with it, because you are fantastic! One of the most upsetting things about being away from you, is missing your performances, I love to see you perform, you move me to tears, I’m so proud of you when you are up there doing your stuff, soooo fingers crossed if all goes well, I’ll see you in a West end production in no time and i’ll be the one screaming to everyone “THATS MY SIIIIISTER!” because you know how I love to embarrass you!
  • When you are yourself, you are the best version of you:  I love spending time just the two of us, we are so similar in so many ways. We may not look related but people spend 5 minutes with us and can see it! However there are times, around certain people, I can see you change, you hide yourself a little and you shouldn’t, you are an amazing person to be around. which moves on to my next point….
  • Only surround yourself with good people:  You only need people who love the real you and who will give and take in their relationship with you, you can only try so hard in a one-sided friendship/relationship before it exhausts you. This, I think will become more evident when/if you end up at University, as you meet so many new people, and it’s great. You really start to get an idea of who are your true friends from there and home as it’s an emotional rollercoaster, and you will need each other. So i suggest you stick around the people who are there for you as much as you are then.
  • Not every friendship is the same: Saying all of that, not all your friends will be on the same level and sometimes friendships will go up and down the scale, so always keep in mind that the person you may go clubbing with may not be your best bud and the person you pour your secrets to but that relationship is still important.
  • Treasure your relationship with mum: She is the best, and when you are my age, you’ll realise more than you do now how much she does for us, how much she has given up for us and that she would do anything to keep us safe and secure so when you think she is nagging you and you are annoyed by her rules, take a step back and realise that you’ve actually got it good. She is also really great person to talk to, I know sometimes you might think you can’t but trust me you can talk to her about pretty much anything. She just wants the best for both us, and wants us to be happy. I know you do already but make sure she realises how much you appreciate her.
  • We  WILL fight, even when we are 80: It is inevitable! we’re sisters, we’re stubborn, come on, it’s in our genes! ( thanks mum :P) but that never means I will stop loving you or caring about you, in fact the fight normally starts because I care! Just remember however big or small, nothing will break our bond unless we let it, and I never want that to happen, so we’re cool!
  • It is hard to balance family,friends and a boyfriend:  but it is possible! and you will be doing it for the rest of your life (well necessarily with all three but you catch mr drift). It’s important to try and get the right balance but don’t get too mad at yourself for not getting right, just make sure when me and mum are whining about not seeing you, try and make a little time 😛 no but really we will understand, you are growing up and friends and boyfriends to come up infront sometimes, just don’t forget we are there or we will bug the crap out of you!
  • Finally, I will always be there for you:  Whether I am back home, in England or Timbuktu for all I care, you can always ask for me and I will be there, in person, on the phone, on facetime, in spirit form if I have to be! I know it sounds obvious and cliche, but I’m not sure if you are worried about bothering me or if you think its silly, STOP! I don’t care I will listen.

There is so much more advice I’ve got to give but I think I’ll be here forever! Love and miss you a ton xxxx


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